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Ofsted identify failing Jedi schools

Originally the Department for Education had heralded Sith Academies as centres for excellence with extensive 'one to one tuition', extra-curricular force choke and a strict adherence to a uniform policy of black only. An Inspector explained: 'The failure of Luke's academy is another example of single-faith schools leading to a radicalization of their pupils, deviating from the Scheme of Work set by the Jedi Council.’

She went on to say: 'I blame the parents. You've kids in a constant state of rebellion - with Sith parents raising Jedis and Jedis producing Sith. Tatooine catchment areas are notoriously demanding, and class-room management has to address students trying to kill their Masters. Do any of these parents say don't make your own light sabre or don't smoke or you'll end up wearing a face mask? Before you know it, they’ll be another Emo kid with midichlorians and acne massacring his classmates.’

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