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P&O ‘taking back control’ is a Brexit dividend insists government

The sacking of over 800 workers by P&O shows that Brexit is now working for UK employees said a government spokesman .

He told reporters: 'If we had still been part of the EU the Dubai owners would not have been able to lay off hundreds of UK workers overnight and replace them with cheap agency staff from overseas.

He went on to add: 'Being free to sack UK workers at a moments notice should be seen as a Brexit dividend by P&O employees who now find themselves able to explore alternative avenues of employment that they not otherwise have considered…..or thrown on the scrap heap as some people might see it.'

Sources close to the Minister have criticised distraught P&O crew members as being doom-merchants and opportunity deniers.

Tory ministers have criticised Unions for getting involved in the dispute saying it was a return to the 1970’s when all union officials ever did was stick up for the rights and welfare of UK workers.

‘We do not want a return to those dark days when union members immediately turned to their Unions for help and protection from employers. Brexit has freed us from harmful things like employees rights, health and safety regulations and the right to protest.'

When asked what happened to the millions of pounds of British taxpayers money received by the Dubai based company during lockdown does not help the situation the spokesman commented.

'After all the necessary checks and balances it was clear to everybody that P&O was not a viable company…. which is why we gave it £150m to help them with the sacking of the crew. But without Brexit that sort of thing would not have been allowed to happen. It’s ‘taking back control’….aftervall, it’s what UK workers voted for.


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