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Parents furious as kids' summer blockbuster has no adult jokes

For decades, parents have put up with watching 2nd rate cartoons as there has always been a few smutty jokes just for them. However, the latest summer blockbuster "Under the shed" has been a winner with the kids but has enraged parents and grandparents alike.

"It's just a cartoon about some woodlice living under a shed," one angry parent told us. "We spent almost £50 on tickets and £30 on snacks at our local cinema and there's not a single blue joke, insinuation or double entendre anywhere. I mean, who would make a film about bugs who eat wood without a single "he's got wood" joke? I'm beyond disappointed."

Cinema manager, Gary Edwards, told our reporter, "We've never had so many people ask for their money back. These parents have my sympathy. I was expecting some "behind the bike-sheds" innuendo or even a "beautiful tits" gag when the woodlice discover a birds' nest but there's nothing."

Grandfather of 25 (not his age), Steve Jackson, was furious. "I've been watching this kind of crap for years with my kids and now grandkids. I've only managed to sit through them because of the borderline filth and there was nothing. Not even a camp grasshopper with a dirty laugh or a slutty slug, doing snail trail jokes. it's an absolute disgrace."

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