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Pig receives genetically modified heart from former Tory MP

A pig from Berkshire has become the first animal to receive the heart from a genetically modified human being.

Jason, a Tamworth Sandy Back from Reading thanked the family of the donor - believed to be a former Conservative MP - for extending his life.

Doctor’s say the Tory MP’s heart was a perfect match for the pig and the operation was a complete success.

‘The pig was extremely lucky that it was a former Tory MP that died overnight….the heart of a compassionate human being would never have been a match…they carry the wrong sort of genes and the pig’s immune system would have simply rejected it’.

The pig was said to be recovering well from his ordeal.

‘When I heard the heart had belonged to a former Conservative MP I just couldn’t believe my luck’ said the Tamworth Sandy Back. ‘Apparently he was caught up in the expenses row from a few years ago, he voted to stop nurses receiving a pay rise, he was caught out flipping his second home in London, he voted for Brexit then immediately transferred his business interests overseas and he is known to have several offshore bank account'.

' He has undoubtedly had his nose in far more troughs than I ever have', continued the pig. 'The MPs heart has given me a knew lease of life.'

Now f*@k off out of my way….I’ve had inside information that it’s feeding time down on the farm and if I get in early I can make a quick killing out of the other stupid pigs. It’s amazing….it is something I had never even thought of doing before but now it seems such an obvious thing to do’.

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