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‘I didn’t shit myself, I sat in coffee’ claims Republican

A US Republican Senator filmed fleeing down a fire escape during last year’s storming of congress has stated that the brown spreading pattern clearly visible on the seat of his pants was ‘an accident with a faulty starbucks cup’, it was reported today.

‘I was in my office, relaxing against the desk and wondering what all the noise was when I felt a warm spreading sensation in the rear’ said the senator. ‘It was the intern’s latte, Those cups are meant to withstand a pressure of at least 150lb’. The senator declared that he only ran down the fire escape to try and dry himself off, and that he was considering suing the coffee company for reputational damages and dry cleaning bills.

‘Yes, I know you have footage of me declaring I’d never been so scared in my life, but then I’ve led a very sheltered life’, declared the senator. ‘Sitting on that coffee cup was literally the most scary thing that had ever happened to me up to that point. A baying mob calling for the overthrown of the state and waving guns around is nothing compared to a normal Trump rally’.

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