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Queen Elizabeth II shocked to find anybody in family has a brain

Celebrity quiz champion and The Chase star Anne Hegerty is said to be shocked after discovering she is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II. However, the Queen was even more startled than Hegerty to discover that someone connected to the Royal family could have a brain.

Hegerty came across the unlikely Royal connection during preliminary investigations by researchers for ITV's "DNA Journey.' The quiz genius found out she is the 19th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. It had previously been acknowledged by cognitive psychologists that constant inbreeding and ill-judged spouse selection had led to an intelligence shortfall amongst Royal offspring.

Fortunately, Hegerty is such a distant relative of the Queen that experts think she may have been protected from inheriting the notorious Royal dimwittery. Luckily, she only suffers from Autism and Asperger's syndrome.

Hegerty was said to be underwhelmed by the Royal connection but, on the bright side, said at least it meant she was also related to Eastenders actor Danny Dyer which was a 'bit of a plus'.

Known as The Governess for her school mistress looks, aloof attitude, acid tongue, and ruthless dismissal of underlings, the Queen celebrates her 95th birthday later this month.

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