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Radioactive capsule found after unusual concentration of superheroes detected

Australian officials have been explaining how they managed to find a 8x6mm capsule along a 900km stretch of road.

"It started when Wagga Wagga Capes and Extra Large Underpants Emporium reported a spike in sales to Newman, Western Australia.", said Pouchwoman - formally known as Officer Brenda Martin - speaking from her glittering 150m high crystal kangaroo stronghold.

"When officers neared the area, there were a lot of 'unusual' people on the road in a particular spot; Digeridoo Man, Wallaby Woman, Wombatman, Duck Bill Platypus Man - he's my husband, he's not a superhero; that's just his nickname - was with me and suggested the capsule must be close by; as I got out the car, I was bitten by a glowing kangaroo and the next couple of hours were a bit of a blur and I woke up here with the capsule safely in my pouch. And I dare say, a lot of supervillains will be a bit worried from now on. In unrelated news, Boris Johnson is visiting the Ukraine and asking about "safe houses".

image from pixabay

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