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Redundant Clarence House staff to be buried alongside Queen

It has been confirmed that staff being made redundant due to the closure of Clarence House, the residence of the former Prince of Wales aka King Charles III, will be slaughtered humanely and buried alongside the Queen. The surplus equerries and estates technicians will be sent to serve in the afterlife, together with 96 corgis and Donkey Derby the prize-winning racehorse.

It was initially thought that they could be re-employed by the new Prince of Wales, but William has elected to move with the times and contract the running of the mansion out to Sodexo.

In view of their service to Wales, such as it was, the Welsh Government has offered to take the condemned in as refugees. However, apparently all eligible staff would prefer to die than leave central London for somewhere beyond the M25 where you can't guarantee a 24-hour Pret within walking distance.

image from pixabay

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