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'Respond at your convenience' - decoding subtle work emails

'As per my earlier message' - why haven't you replied to the mail I sent a couple of days ago?

'Copying you in for information' - you don't really need to see the entire 30 message trail about the new product launch, but I've had to wade through it, losing the will to live, so let's share the pain.

'A gentle reminder of the soft deadline to reply' - pull your finger out and reply to the message I sent three days ago, will you?

'Hard deadline to reply is 5 pm today' - for fucks sake, it has been four days now.

'Please advise' - this is your rodeo, fella, so start riding.

'Michael also cc'd here for completeness' - Michael was bitching about you during a coffee break, and it was his suggestion to send you this snotty message.

'I'm resending as I know there were some IT problems' - I know you've read my email as I did a read receipt in it, so why didn't you reply

'I thought I sent this last week but just found it still in my draft folder' - I couldn't be arsed to reply to you last week but I am going to try and brazen it out.

'Your out of office reply is on, so don't feel the need to reply' - we are all still at work here while you're sat on some beach topping up your tan. Can't you reply to a few emails?

'Your earlier response is copied here for your convenience' - don't even think about backtracking on the promises you made.

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