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Sam Levinson to produce new show featuring sad, naked teenagers

Following the cancellation of the salacious and controversial HBO drama 'The Idol', Sam Levinson has announced his newest project, which will buck the trend of his previous projects by featuring sad, naked, coke-thin women having horrible sex.

'We’re really breaking new ground here,' the Euphoria director tells us. 'Euphoria was about teenagers having degrading sex, doing drugs, and being traumatised. The Idol was about a female singer having degrading sex, doing drugs, and being traumatised. I have always centred women in my stories, and I always will. Especially when they’re in pain and naked.'

Levinson’s newest project features a young, beautiful, and damaged Instagram influencer called Isabella, who begins an Onlyfans account because her dad died or something. Levinson admits that he was drawn to the idea of teenage girls expressing their angst by getting naked on webcam: 'It’s such a subversive and controversial form of empowerment,' he says. 'I believe that I’m the perfect person to depict the nuances of this experience. I know all about those websites.'

While Levinson has disclosed that there will be protracted scenes of the character performing weird sex acts on screen, there will also be a short sequence in which she cries at her own reflection while applying red lipstick, proving that the material will be carefully balanced. 'To all the prudes that are worried about me exploiting teenage girls, it won’t all be about sex. There’ll also be a few party scenes too, some coke snorting and a hot tub sequence.'

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