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Scientists discover Google’s financial ‘black hole’

A billion light-years from what everyone else pays, two black holes (‘what Google owes’ and ‘what Google makes’) have collided to generate a distortion in the fabric of corporate tax code. Over a hundred years ago Einstein predicted the existence of dark, soulless global corporations in his ‘Theory of General Greed’. This is first evidence that the Universe does in fact revolve around money; with gravitational waves pulling all profits into Swiss bank accounts.

The sheer of size of Google that means the normal laws of physics and financial fair play do not apply. One astronomer explained the relative size difference between the £130m paid in back-dated taxes and the multi-billion pounds in profit: It’s all about perspective. It looks small but we have just standing a long way away from it. And, sadly, getting Google to pay more is still in the realms of science fiction.’

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