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'Selfless generosity' as vaccine leftovers to go to poor instead of the bin

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

In an act of selfless generosity the world's richest countries have decided to donate their unwanted, leftover vaccines to poor countries instead of just binning them.

This selfless act will of course come after all men, women, children, dogs, cats and hamsters have received at least three doses of the vaccine at which point the world's poorest can have a go at protecting their elderly and vulnerable.

Kindness and sacrifice on this scale will surely bode well for any future discussions with poorer nations around climate change targets, explains Boris Johnson: 'What more proof is needed that we are all in it together?'

Poorer nations are yet to comment as they are a little busy trying to stop people dying, stop the virus spreading and prop up their inadequate healthcare systems.

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