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Shock: National Treasure was double agent

Updated: Mar 24

Forty years after his death in a bizarre kayaking accident, declassified papers reveal the astonishing double life being led by the nation’s one-time favourite stage comedian, Terry (the Funny Fella) Tiddler.

Tiddler, famous for his legendary music hall performances and his many roles in the much loved ‘Let’s have a bit of a Giggle’ franchise, was in fact a double-agent selling state secrets to the east during the sixties and seventies.

Although remaining a well-loved public figure until his death, Terry (OBE) had a reputation of being a shy, awkward, and retiring man in his private life. Although, onetime double-act partner, Billy Baggot, who's now in his nineties, commented.

Shy? You're kidding ain't cha? He was always putting it about. Made facking Jonson seem celibate. I know the randy sod tubbed at least five chorus girls. Course that was all hushed up. So it don’t surprise me that he’s turned out to be a traitorous shite house, if I’m being honest.’

Photo by Luis Morera on Unsplash

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