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Shy Secretary of State for Incontinence relieves himself from the cabinet

A slew of government advisers and people in senior positions can't take any more of the poop from Pig Dog, resigning in their droves. Here are the latest rats to announce they are leaving the sinking ship Johnson:

Head of the Royal Mail abandons post

Met Police chief quits to seek other copportunities

Jacob Rees-Mogg resigns to spend more time with his Familiar.

Adviser who hasn't been for a piddle all day finally goes

Engineer who designed Downing Street revolving door exits in a roundabout way

Statistics adviser says it's not working out

Holidays minister vacates

Knight in shining armour falls on his sword

Transport secretary leaves platform

Hearing impaired assistant re-signs

Cricket umpire says he's out

Chess coach resigns

Minister for Never Giving Up quits

Soft furnishings consultant quilts

Pun adviser quips

Head of boxing counts himself out

Sally Gunnell's husband does a runner

Prisons minister makes a break for it

Secretary of State for Sandy Places deserts

Liz Truss exits... in... disgrace

Dilyn the dog leaves his post

Number 10 letterbox is out of the door

Coach driver says he was thrown under the bus

Constipation consultant says he can't do the job any more

Digestive system guru evacuates circle of trust

Sex adviser withdraws from the position

Dominatrix walks out on him

And the Prime Minister's wife leaves for pastures new.

Chris Grayling has already shipped himself out. But Eric Pickles doesn't leave his roll.

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