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Sunak accidentally re-instates Braverman before sacking her

The government has been thrown into confusion after PM Rishi Sunak appeared to announce that Suella Braverman is to be the new Home Secretary.

When asked how she could be the new Home Secretary when she was already the Home Secretary there was an awkward pause before Sunak had a flunky issue a statement:

'Remember that time - less than a year ago - when Suella Braverman leaked classified documents and had to resign, but was then reinstated 6 days later, just to assuage the swivel-eyed loons? Well, in that spirit, Rishi is delighted to re-re-re-re-re-instate Ms Braverman and I'm sure she'll do an excellent job, this time.' The flunky was seen to cross his fingers at this point. 'She will be just as excellent as she was last time.'

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