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Sunak's 50 plus initiative is a reverse Logan's Run scenario

Tory strategist Clementine Carruthers clarified 'I assume when Rishi says he's targeting the over 50s, he just means he's targeting winning over 50 Westminster seats at the next election - out of 650 total.'

'The PM doesn't want to disenfranchise - or make disappear - every voter under the age of 50. Or does he? The under 50s must be stopped. Were you caught buying a vape, like a young person might do? Marked for death. Offered your seat on the bus to a kindly old lady, who gave you a Werthers Original to say thanks? Death. Do you still have hopes and dreams for the future? Definitely death.'

'To secure the Saga vote, you need to put your campaign lies onto the side of a cruise ship instead of a bus. This will create a blue rinse, blue wall... forever!'

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