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Teenage boy admits he may have eaten the last of the cereal

Up until now his family had assumed a large family of rats or a plague of locusts had decimated their food larder. The loss of cereal was particularly mysterious as the crockery seemed untouched; although his sister feared he had simply emptied the muesli directly into his mouth and added milk.

Where quite precisely the boy has now stored the excess calories, scientists are at a loss to say, but many see this as indirect proof of the 'hollow legs' theory of transcendental dimensionality. What is more worrying is that his hunger shows no signs of being sated and no one has seen the family dog since Wednesday.

A lawyer for the boy said: 'My client is very sorry for the loss of five tubs of ice cream. In his defence, he had just smoked an ounce of weed. But he has nothing to do with the disappearance of three boxes of kleenex and his father's limited edition of 'Razzle's Reader's Wives' circa 1988’.

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