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The European Court of Human Rights will steal then eat your babies

Before your beautiful bouncing British baby has fulfilled its Brexitatious destiny, the ECHR will kidnap it and then consume its flesh. Or worse, teach it a foreign language. That was confirmed by one ECHR ninja, who briefly stopped over-riding the will of the British people to say:

'Everything the Tory Spartans say is completely true and accurate and is in no way wildly proto-fascist. Parliamentary sovereignty is for pussies. Who needs the human rights afforded by the ECHR anyway? Nerds! I doubt you need a fair trial, you look a bit foreign - or should I say guilty.'

One Tory MP expressed disappointment that more Tory policies didn't break international law, grumbling 'The Tories are the party of law and order in the sense that we want to order civil servants to break the law. Wait... did someone say "parliamentary sovereignty"? Quickly! Activate Mark Francois!'

image from pixabay

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Jan 20

Most of thedaft buggers still think the ECHR is an EU institution. Morons.

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