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The perfect present for Mother's Day - gift petrol

As forecourt sales of petrol are falling due to lack of demand, oil companies are looking for other ways to shift their product. So the latest innovation, then, is gift packaged petrol – just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mum no longer has to suffer petrol station flowers, with their inescapable whiff of unleaded. Now she can have the real thing – and useful too – packaged like perfume or wine and perfect for gifting. Gift petrol comes in handy spill-prufe(tm) one litre and two litre packs. A spokesman explained that the larger sized gift will make Mum feel really special – and provides enough fuel for a round trip to Lidl, to do the weekly shop. And the one litre size is perfect if you don’t really like your Mum that much, or if you've recently had a bit of a spat.

No expense has been spared on the packaging – more D&G than BP – to underline the premium nature of the gift and the premium price. Gift petrol retails at about ten times the forecourt price and the gift packs can’t be refilled on the forecourt – so no recycling!

Retail experts expect gift petrol to do well in the competition for Mother’s Day sales, with up to 4 million units expected to be sold. The perfect way to thank Mum for another year of laundry, unsolicited fashion advice, invective and dodgy Netflix recommendations.


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