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Top 10 tips for running an ethnostate

1) Don't say 'Whites only', say 'Magnolia', everyone likes Magnolia.

2) Emphasize how clean your beaches are, ethnically clean.

3) Don't call it sterilization, call it sneaky birth control.

4) Accuse everyone else of racism, particularly those who keep dodging your bullets.

5) Buy your weapons from the US. They come with a warranty and are designed to target ethnic minorities.

6) Make sure your Ministers wear black. Embrace that 1940s Reich-look.

7) If you are going to do a genocide, make sure Michael Rapaport is on board. He is a great distraction. If you can't get him, any arsehole will do.

8) You may have to ignore the UN. That's okay - everyone else does.

9) Make funny videos. We all love funny videos. Even ones with dead babies.

10) Say God told you to do it. God has got your back on this. God is definitely some white dude.

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