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Tory election campaign wins Turner Prize

The Turner Prize panel has announced that the Conservative Election Campaign is the 2024 winner of the Turner Prize.

'This is a stunning mix media piece.' read a statement on behalf of the panel's chair, Alex Farquharson, written on the back of a Tory election leaflet. 'Such a brave combination of rainwater, pork pies and excreta that presents a deception that is so transparent that it deceives no-one.'

The awarding of the prize has caused controversy after the piece's creator, Rishi Sunak, issued a counter-statement protesting against the award.

'The point of the piece is to lose; by naming it a 'winner' means that the artwork has failed. But, by failing, it has achieved it's aim of losing. Hang on a minute, this is getting a bit confusing; if I refuse the prize, can I keep the money?'

Image: Newsbiscuit

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