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'Trump ripped-off my hairstyle' claims Flock of Seagulls frontman

Donald Trump's hairdo has provoked a sensational and scathing attack from, Mike Score, frontman of 80s techno-pop band, A Flock of Seagulls. in a Vlog released last night he unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade against Mr Trump.

'Trump is nothing but a plagiarist,' declared the visibly rattled vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, 'Compared to my original hairdo his is nothing more outrageous than a short back and sides or crew-cut. My hair back then was pure bloody mental and was the talk of the music industry and that creosote-coloured tosser has simply ripped me off'.'

'I ought to be POTUS and leader off the free world, not that twenty-four carat knobber! How can the world trust anyone who rates Ted Nugent! For f*cks sake,' fumed the Wishing (If I had a photograph of you) singer.

It is believed that top celebrity lawyer, Artie Klempsteine, has been lined up by Score and a lawsuit worth $24,000,000 is about to be brought against the already beleaguered Trump, citing theft of image and intellectual property. Dave Shabdowski, entertainment reporter for Channel XYZ says, 'When this baby comes to court it's gonna be the biggest global media event ever; even bigger than the OJ trial. Yessirs!'

Trump was unavailable for comment. However, sources close to the president admitted that A Flock of Seagulls had helped improve the President's notoriously shaky knowledge of world geography, as he could often be heard muttering repeatedly 'I-Ran. So Far Away'.

Chipchase, Hat-Tip to Rootin Tootin

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