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Trumplander debuts new look - Orange Constipation

The continuing saga of dimwitted male model Donald Trumplander has seen him debut a new look, which experts are dismissing as "not as effective as he thinks".

The empty-headed protagonist was once famed for his "Blue Steel" look, which had the fashion world at his feet. Towards the end of the film, he introduced another look, "Magnum", so powerful it stopped a thrown shuriken in mid air.

However, in the hopes of a sequel from 2024-8, Trumplander has now introduced a new look experts have dubbed "Orange Constipation". Despite involving the usual looking straight into the camera with intense concentration, they say it just looks as if he has gas, or can't remember which of his crimes he's currently in court for.

"This certainly won't stop the many charges he's now facing," said the Special Prosecutor. "Sadly we'll never find out if it can stop bullets."

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1 Comment

Aug 28, 2023

Tangerine Nightmare!

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