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UK asked to choose between Internment Camps or Box No.3

In what seems to be the worst game-show ever, Britain is now being asked to pick the lesser of all evils - when it seems that all the options are pretty f$cking evil.  Faced with the twin threat of terrorism and careerist politicians, we are being offered a sh$t sandwich without the bread, a melanoma without the tan or a 'full-Trump' - as it is known.

Somewhere between the hysteria of The Daily Mail's headlines and Brexit Deal or No Deal, the UK is being encouraged to board the train to crazy-ville, like a lemming on anabolic steroids. As night follows day, dumb follows dumber, journalists are demanding purges of anyone with a squint or who cannot whistle 'Pomp and Circumstance'. So when a former Met Police assistant commissioner, demands internment camps, we have to ask - has he forgotten the horror that was Northern Ireland or Butlins?

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