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Unboxed? Unhinged! Arts Festival ‘A Huge Success’

The UK’s largest and most ambitious arts festival, Unhinged, has been hailed as a masterful piece of performance art by critics worldwide.

“At first we thought it was a shabby disgrace”, said a French critic. “For £120 million you could ‘ave built a new ‘ospital. But zat was a clue!”

Another clue was the visitor projections of 66 million visitors – or the entire UK population. It can now be revealed that Unhinged is the work of alternative theatre group collective 'The 1922 Committee' and that His Majesty’s Government has been run, for the past few years, by a troupe of performance artists.

“Most of them met at university, like the Monty Python crew”, a spokesman told us. “They’ve been acting out this dystopian vision of a dysfunctional family. It’s loosely based on Ibsen, but heavily influenced by the Carry On films and the Third Reich".

In common with all works of performance art the audience is desperate for the fucking thing to end.

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