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War memorial has the leering face of Tony Blair

The memorial itself was been funded by the ‘Sun’ newspaper’s patriotic campaign - ‘Support our soldiers. Just don’t question the war’. The jagged monolith is deliberately carved out of rough, hewn Portland stone - to symbolize the fact that you cannot polish a t$rd. An aide to Tony Blair commented: ‘Thankfully the three wars in the Middle East have brought peace and prosperity to the region, making the world a safer place. Let us not forget why were fought those wars…um…er…why was it again?’

None of the 2,500 invited guests will be family members of the 682 service personnel who lost their lives, which is a fitting tribute to the fact nobody really cares what they think. An MOD spokeswoman remarked: ‘They gave their lives upholding British values – sorry, did I say British? I meant to say ‘share’ – upholding the value of ‘shares’ in the arms industry’. As with Trafalgar Square, there will also be an empty plinth, to representative the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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Carol Lawrence
Carol Lawrence
Feb 06

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