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Wednesday’s budget may bring boost to British fashion industry

Amid much speculation about what the next budget may contain and the high security required to keep it secret until it’s announced, when Newsbiscuit learned that Jeremy Hunt had spent this morning in the swimwear department of his Saville Row tailor, we sent our intern Mandy to the shop to see what she could learn.

It seems that Mr Hunt was keen to be fitted for some Speedo style trunks and had brought along his personal codpiece for the fitting.

After much deliberation, between Newsbiscuit journalists, it was decided that the only reason Mr Hunt might want speedo style trunks so close to the governments major fiscal statement would be to smuggle the budget into the Commons inside them, instead of pretending to carry it in the red box.

Our political correspondent said “If this turns out to be true, it could bring excitement to the tedium of Budget Day and we might find future chancellors cease holding up a red box for the photographers and drop their trousers instead.

Our fashion correspondent thought that budget smugglers would be brilliant; and bring a major boost to the fashion industry. She was of the opinion that it would be only a matter of time before a catwalk was set up in Downing Street for the top designers to parade their swimwear designs to the Chancellor; and British Fashion Week will be moved to incorporate; and come to a climax on Budget Day.

We asked Mandy if she noticed which swimwear the Chancellor eventually chose, but she said she couldn’t be certain, however he preened himself in a mirror more times in a pair of yellow polka dot trunks more times than any others.

Image from pixabay

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