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Britain’s most gullible man calls for April 1st restraint

for some of us, the first twelve hours of April every year are a living hellLondoner, Brian Kirkby, who last year beat over 4,000 other contestants to be crowned Britain’s Most Gullible Man 2008, has asked the public to ‘please exercise a little restraint this coming April Fool’s day’.

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Porn mag publisher launches ‘Leaders Wives’

Edition One features ‘a lovely English lass’ and ‘A Gorgeous Gallic Gal’

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Electorate can use ‘reasonable force’ to defend against political candidates

‘Voters are now legally entitled to punch, kick and scratch anyone turning up at their door and asking for their vote,’ said the Lord Chief Justice, ‘It is clear provocation.’

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Anti-immigrant backlash feared as Irish pubs still emigrating in droves

'They're taking over the world, so they are...'‘You have to go where the money is, to be sure, to be sure’

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British Transport Police given ‘stop and spray’ powers of deodorisation

police finally doing something popular‘The onset of summer traditionally heralds a network-wide rise in reports of grievous bodily odour and unprovoked attacks on the nasal passages of innocent passengers’.

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