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First pictures received of elated boffins

Footage of celebratory boffins has been beamed across the world today in a landmark experiment to better understand these mysterious academics.

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Shane MacGowan becomes latest to be ruled out of chairing child abuse enquiry

Shane MacGowan has become the latest figure to be ruled out of chairing the Government’s enquiry into child abuse today, after photographs which appear to show the ex-Pogues frontman in a social setting with former Home Secretary Leon Brittan were published in The Daily Mail.

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Rosetta scientist ‘still can’t park his Ford Mondeo properly’, claim colleagues

The scientist successful in landing a dishwasher-sized probe on a distant rock hurtling through space at 34,000mph failed to reverse park a Ford Mondeo into a generously sized parking bay this morning, it’s been revealed.

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ESA admit ‘comet’ they followed for ten years was just speck of dust on camera

Scientists at the European Space Agency have admitted they have made an embarrassing mistake. Moments after the Rosetta spacecraft released its Philae lander to land on a comet it has been chasing for ten years, they realised the comet was actually just a speck of dust on the camera.

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Bluetooth devices protest against ‘arranged pairings’

Bluetooth devices have reacted angrily to being forced into pairings with other devices without their consent.

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