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American teens see no reason to enter haunted house

A group of good-looking American teenagers have refused point-blank to enter a reputedly haunted house on the outskirts of their town. Despite their self-confessed stupidity and the lack of better things to do on a hot summer night in Clarksville, Tennessee, all seven said that they had no interest in exploring the derelict mansion at 2300 Hullsport Road.

'I'm like, what would be the point of that?' handsome 19-year-old high school quarterback Josh McGiffin told reporters. 'There's nothing to see in there, right?' McGiffin added that he does not believe in ghosts or stuff, not even those of the three young drifters who were brutally gunned down by the deranged householder at the house exactly 50 years ago today and who are said to scream plaintively through the night on every anniversary. More to the point, he said, the house must be extremely dirty and possibly dangerous after so many years of neglect.

Tammy Johnson, 18, the former cheerleader who is the prettiest of the three girls in the group, said that she personally believes the ghost stories and would never go into the house. 'It's really creepy. Like, I know I'm blonde but I'm not that stupid,' she said. 'And even if I did go in, I definitely wouldn't do it in diaphanous underwear.'

The daring prospect of pushing open the creaky cobweb covered door, did briefly attract them, but a mad old local told them to keep well away from that old place, and the teenagers agreed that it would be wise to follow the advice of someone more experienced than themselves. They eventually decided to drive aimlessly around town all night instead. Added Dwayne Beasley: 'I'm the only black guy in the group, so no way man, I'd be toast the moment we got in that place.'

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