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Architects move into computing

Following criticism that luxury flats in Folkestone look like something out of the Flintstones, crestfallen architects are turning their skills to a less visible form of architecture: that inside computer CPUs.

The move promises to provide interesting challenges for the computing industry, as architects from Le Corbusier to Richard Rogers are well known for being visionary imbeciles who will typically design buildings that focus the sun’s rays so they can melt cars.

Nevertheless, the computing industry is gearing itself for the next generation of PCs by ditching the logo “Intel Inside” and replacing it with “It’s Mental in Here”. CPUs are likely to lose their sleek efficient appearance and be housed inside Brutalist concrete enclosures.

King Charles refused to comment on this latest venture for architects, saying that’s what heirs in waiting are for, however a source close to the king told Newsbiscuit that if anyone brought one of the new architecture computers inside Buckingham Palace they’d need to be careful that the king didn’t shoot it like his father would have.

Photo by S. Tsuchiya on Unsplash

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