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Belgravia's Homewatch Association sets January referendum to join Russia

The leader of the Homewatch Association in the Belgravia region of London has announced that a referendum will be held in January on joining Russia.

Russians have exercised effective control over the area since purchasing the majority of properties. Most of the world considers Belgravia to be part of the UK, but Russia and a handful of other countries recognise it as an independent state.

'We did it!' Belgravia Homewatch leader Alexander Surkov wrote on Twitter, confirming that he had signed a decree setting the referendum for January 7th.

'In legalese, we fulfilled yet another important requirement,' he said. 'And in normal language, we took a life-changing step — we are going home, we are going to Russia.'

Several months into the war with Ukraine, Surkov declared Belgravia would take the necessary steps to join Russia.

Non-Russian residents have called into question the validity of the poll, complaining they were often prevented from accessing the region due to a lack of parking. One resident, who did not want to be named, reported, 'Hundreds of expensive black cars fill up all of the spaces, like this is Londongrad, or something.'

Author: mcdabble

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