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Bigots boycott Transformers, believing they make people Trans

In a bold, yet stupid move, confident idiots decided to stop buying the Hasbro figurines in order to prevent them forming new trans people. When the top fear search by the misinformed is being sold by top retailers, this thing must go all the way to the top. Toy manufactures. After the release by Hasbro of the anti-man film Barbie, it is only a matter of time before a film about these Transformers hits the cinema.

Observing that these toys change from a car, truck or fighter jet, into something scary and different, it was pretty clear the what the message is. The bigots then added, 'Trans people are scary and different, that’s the message.'

'These things change! We fear change! Join the dots!' was their self-researched hypothesis. This was backed up by a Facebook peer reviewed paper saying, 'Won’t someone think of the children.' Not easy to argue with that.

Due to being a fictional cartoon character, Optimus Prime was unavailable for comment. Suspicious?


Written by: billclay

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