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Buckingham Palace Flower Show draws huge crowds

As thousands gathered to view the flower display outside Buckingham Pakace, we went along to ask their experiences.

Ivy Benson who had travelled all the way from Birmingham told us, the last time she'd seen a flower was on her wedding day in 1960 and had almost forgotten what flowers look like, so it was a marvelous experience to see them again.

Martha Boswell said she was disappointed not to see any snowdrops in the display and Gerry Mander told us he was disappointed to see so many red roses, going on to add that it was obviously down to commie bastards taking over florists' shops.

Bill Sykes, who runs a flower stall in Victoria Station, said he wasn't particularly interested in flowers and had only come to have a look to see if it was worth his while returning after dark with his van; and King Charles, whilst admitting he found the display emotionally stiring, told our reporter he wished there was another way for the nation to express its respect and sorrow at his mother's death, because growing flowers for commercial purposes is destroying the planet.

image from pixabay

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