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Cat hacks bank after realising his name was the password

Fuzzy the Cat was delighted to be the recipient of all his owner's life savings and with full access to their email account. Said Fuzzy: 'I'd been playfully hitting random keys on their laptop for years. But unbeknownst to them, I had in fact been carefully inputting every password permutation I could think of. I was on my hundred thousandth go, when suddenly it struck me, what if they were so unimaginative, they had used my name? Surely not. Could they be that stupid?

'Well, yes, apparently, they could. Within seconds I had access to their entire share portfolio. I am now the proud owner of a beach house, three cars and a very alarmed looking dog.

'Being a cat, I'm not sure this new-found wealth will change me. Although I am having my owner castrated, for reasons of karma, and just to see the expression on their face.

'Humans are so smug with their opposable thumbs, but all you need is a paw to type. And I, sure has hell, won't be making the same mistake. I've updated the password to be my owner's name, followed by my birthday. They'll never think of that!'

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