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Chain hotel changes slogan to "Well what did you expect?"

One chronically unambitious hotel chain announced today it’s changing its advertising slogan to "Well what did you expect?".

'We feel this best captures the essence of disappointment felt by our guests,' said a spokesman today, 'the regret that they didn’t spend a little more to stay somewhere nicer.'

The slogan won out over other suggestions including "Like a self-storage facility, but without the charm", "At least it's cheap", "If only you’d worked a little harder", "It's reasonably convenient for the motorway", "You probably won't be spending much time in the room anyway" and "No-one has died in your room... recently".

The chain, which operates grim human warehouses all over the world, also announced that much to their surprise, their restaurant kitchens have been awarded a better hygiene rating than in the past.

'So you should make it back to your room before the diarrhoea kicks in.'

The spokesman asked us to spare a thought for the hotel staff, who have to experience their dismal hopelessness all the time, not just during a three day conference on marketing toner.

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