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Charles III going straight to cable

Expectations are low for the sequel to the sequel of Charles. The Newsbiscuit Culture Editor explains: “Look, Charles 1 was your classic, ballsy action movie, plenty of war scenes and an ending like Brave Heart. Definitely one to please the crowds, or at least anyone not dead by the end of it.

Charles 2 was not quite as ambitious plot-wise but defied the usual problem of sequels being a let-down, by adding a strong romantic aspect. I mean Chuck 2 had it Going On… was it 12 illegitimate kids by the curtain? Most viewers gave up counting half way through.

So what can Charles 3 bring to this franchise? At this stage, none of the above. It’s going to have to be something completely different. A man with three buttocks? He’s got some big underpants to fill.”

image from pixabay

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