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Crash test dummies to become non-gender specific

Following a report that women are almost twice as likely to be trapped in crashed vehicle, safety experts dismissed questions about the ratio of crashed vehicles that were driven by women compared to men, instead blaming the issue on the fact that the safety testing dummies are all male.

When asked why female dummies hadn't been used, it apparently transpires to have been due to a poliical decision made by John Prescott, who as Transport Minister, called a halt to the use of female dummies on the basis that they too expensive to replace when they kept crashing the cars they drove.

Plans are afoot to use non-gender specific dummies from now on, however this has raised objections from androgynous groups on the basis that it might be used to suggest they didn't ought to be allowed on the road. We approached the trans MP for Bridgend for a comment, but they declined.

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