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Dogs at Polling Stations mortified by Tory owners

Cuddly and sad-faced pooches have been photographed being adorable at polling places up and down the country as local election fever grips almost no-one at all.

One golden retriever, who suspects his owner is a Tory voter, woofed ‘I used to think an exit poll was a particularly unpleasant bowel movement, but when my owner can’t meet my eye after voting, I sense his Tory shame. As a dog, deliberate NHS underfunding and a slide towards privatisation have no bearing on me at all. But how many humans look at that and think 'I will never be ill or die – the Tories seem fine to me'. Maybe they admire the naked corruption and raw incompetence? Kay Burley said there was sadness in my eyes. The Tories are the reason why, although I will say I’m in favour of how many dead cats they produce.’

Image from Pixabay by Birgl

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