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Due to heatwave, Cornwall changes name to Popcornwall

Due to a national heatwave, many places in the UK have been forced to climate change their names. The following is a list of new places people should be aware of who only know how to travel to destinations using satnavs in their SUVs which caused all this: Luton Flareport Heatrow Airport Melting Mowbray West Withering Brighton & Stove Southend of Days Popcornwall Bublin Fireland Northern Fireland Belfast-fried Armaghhhhhhhh Wails Charrediff Dundelighfully Gasglow Govanoven The Bake District East Anglian Sweatlands Burningham Burnmouth Smoke-on-Trent Sale-off-the-Scale Nukehassle Nukehassle-under-Slime East Rising of Yorkshire Puddings Nan-twitch Hottershaw Braisingstoke Blacknell Slough-ow-ow-ow Vestminster Sizzlington Wiltshire remains the same.

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