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Eva Braun’s knickers ‘still’ an awkward Xmas present

Looking for that special gift which says silky M&S luxury, yet with a hint of Nazi memorabilia? Why not splash £3,000 at auction on Hitler’s wife’s lilac pants; they also come with fetching toiletries, complete with a delicate glass vial of scented cyanide.

Sadly, Hitler's own underwear is too small to wear, given that it was only designed to house a single withered testicle. Ironically the other gonad was deemed too large for conventional boxer shorts and was subsequently housed in the, purpose built, Albert Hall. One private collector explained: ‘What better way to spice up your sex life, than with some crypto-fascist lingerie? Jazz up your Secret Santa with a pair of Goebbel’s socks. Crackers shaped like doodlebugs, Xmas hats in Gestapo black. Maybe even a seasonal calendar that culminates in a thousand-year Reich?’

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