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Exclusive - new Ofsted multi-word ratings categories

NewsBiscuit has gained access to a draft press release, showing the proposed new multi-word ratings categories for Ofsted inspections.

In the draft, spokesman for Ofsted, Biff Flashman, is quoted as saying, 'we have listened to feedback from ministers and schools and agree that the one-word categories could be regarded as insensitive and lacking clarity.

'These updated ratings will help us improve communication with our stakeholders, while retaining a robust inspection service and preventing Post Office Inspectors from teasing us and calling us “Sofsted.'

The new multi-word ratings are as follows:

Inadequate, you f***ing muppets, clear your desks NOW!

Requires improvement, so put down your Guardian and start polishing that CV, tw*t.

Good but don’t think we won’t get you next time, woke w**kers

Outstanding. We’ll have to “try harder” for the next one, and we’re not going to tell you when it is.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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