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Falkland Islands liberate Britain from evil tyranny

The mighty Falklands of the South Atlantic has freed little Britain from a brutal dictatorship.

In a decisive action, the Falklands sent its entire fleet thousands of miles north to British waters. A 200 mile exclusion zone was declared around the islands, while the Falklands conducted strategic operations to repel the oppressive Conservative regime.

A journalist stationed aboard one of the naval vessels reported, 'I am not allowed to say how many took part in the liberation of Britain, but I counted them both out, and I counted them both back.'

And a Falklands tabloid paper has this morning run a full front page headline simply stating, "Gotcha".

Heroic leader of the Falklands, Alison Blake declared, 'It was simply not right to stand by and do nothing while Britain fell to such a despicable tyranny. Our only regret is that we didn't step in earlier. Desire the Right! The glorious sheep of the Falklands flag flies proud over the British Isles today.'

image from pixabay

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