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'Five Go Dobbing In The Neighbours' - now available to buy

The eBook edition of the latest NewsBiscuit anthology – Five Go Dobbing In the Neighbours – is being released in eBook format 1st December and can be pre-ordered on Amazon now using the link below. The book will cost less than a cup of over-priced coffee at £4.99 and contains over 800 submissions and numerous one-liners. Download it on to your phone and it’s like having NewsBiscuit in your pocket on or off-line!

Not only is the eBook version going to be available for less than a cup of froth, it will be available for free to those too tight to pay for delivery (Amazon Prime members) and those who like to lord it up (Kindle Unlimited members). In case you’re worried, we do get paid. If Besos can afford to fly William Shatner to the edge of space, we can extract a pound or two out of him if you read this book. We have a certain set of skills.

Print versions of Five Go Dobbing are also going to be available very, very soon. At over 500 pages long crammed with the best subs and one-liners over the last twelve months it is the best Christmas present for anyone struggling to find a present for those who don’t deserve anything, or too bored to give a sh!t about Christmas presents. Either way, you are bound to get the ultimate accolade – ‘ you really shouldn’t have’’ Softback version will retail at £11.99 and the de-luxe hardback version at a very reasonable £19.99. Monitor the Amazon page below for release dates and order early to avoid disappointment. And order an eBook version while you’re at it. You really can’t have too many copies.

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