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Five go Dobbing in the Neighbours still on sale

NewsBiscuit is proud to announce it's still happy to take money off perfect strangers - as long as they are prepared to order and read our second anthology from Amazon - in eBook, paperback and hardback format.

Hint: there's a hyperlink to Amazon hidden on the image - only the smartest, funniest people can find it.

Uncle Quentin was seen in Smuggler’s Cove, without a mask,’ exclaimed Julian.

‘What a frightful bore,’ said George. ‘Doesn’t he know that Timmy has an undying medical condition? He keeps eating poisoned food’.

They said it couldn’t be done. A new NewsBiscuit annual. Or maybe it was ‘shouldn’t’. That’s right, it shouldn’t be done. In fact, there was a petition. Maybe a march or two? Now that I think about it, there was a Court Order. People chaining themselves to railings. The threat of a military coup.

But we said to hell with them. We were going to publish. Regardless of the suffering and derisory sales. If we could get Brexit done, how hard would it be to write a NewsBiscuit book?

BTW how’s the Brexit thing going?

From the same team that brought you 'Fifteen Years of Typos' comes an extensive anthology of twelve months of fake news from the UKs original fake news site, Newsbiscuit. Over 800 carefully curated comedy fake news articles and more than 700 one-line news gags all together in one volume written by some of the funniest and most creative comedy writers known to work for free.

Articles drawn from September 2020 until August 2021, approximately mirroring events in the real world, include:

Bloke in pub to join Cabinet

NATO to tut and shake their heads at Russia

Second wave of press conferences to hit the UK

National Fiasco Memorial built in the wrong place

Coronavirus will be with us for between two years and forever, say scientists

Biden selects Kamala Harris to be his running-mate and carer

Government finally admits it has 'no idea' why we have daylight saving time

and hundreds more

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