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Former referee Peter Walton finally disagrees with a decision

For the first time ever in his broadcasting career, retired bad referee Peter Walton has surprisingly expressed his disagreement with a decision. When television channel TNT, formerly BT Sport, announced that Walton's services would no longer be required, they fully expected him to waffle on for a while before whole-heartedly expressing his agreement with the decision.

However, despite universal support for the decision by football viewers everywhere, refereeing 'expert' Walton claims that TNT have made an error of judgement. For some inexplicable reason, he believes that viewers will miss his sycophantic support of the ludicrous decision-making of the on-field and VAR officials. He mistakenly believes that his description of the factors to take into account when awarding a penalty to Manchester United for a blatant dive at one end and then booking the Bournemouth player for an identical offence at the other somehow adds to the enjoyment of the beautiful game.

It is understood that Walton will not be replaced at TNT, but Sky TV have decided to employ former referee and destroyer of football to make himself the centre of attention at all times, Mike Dean. When asked to comment on this development, Walton said that he expected the decision to be referred to VAR to look at all possible angles, and then an on-field review of the situation would be required. But then he agreed it was the right decision.

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