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Future Ashes matches at Old Trafford to be held between groundsmen

Following a washout test match in which the TMS commentators used every description of rain known to mankind, the ICC has proposed that future test matches are either played somewhere sensible, or that both teams provide their best groundsmen, who will compete against each other in keeping the pitch and outfield dry.

The cricketers themselves would entertain the spectators by performing rain dances or displays of piety, depending on which team of groundsmen were mopping up, and the match will be decided on how many overs might have been bowled between making the pitch usable and the next torrential downpour.

TMS commentators, who traditionally have been ex-cricketers, would be replaced by ex-groundstaff who will comment on the various techniques the opposing groundsmen employ and how much more difficult it was keeping pitches dry in their day, without the assistance of protective clothing.

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Jan 11

What truly captivated my attention wasn't primarily the article; instead, it was the photograph. The man on the right looks a lot like my grandfather. I have just recently made photo restoration of him. But this imaginative proposal for dealing with washout test matches in cricket is both humorous and innovative. Overall, the proposal is interesting)

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