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Government admits it is now a parody account

'Yes, you got us banged to rights,' admitted a government spokesman today. 'We've been a comedy government for some time, so the transition to a full-blown parody account was a no-brainer.'

The full-blown parody was started with the appointment of an obese, cigar-smoking woman who objects to abortions despite the health connotations for many women to the role of Health Secretary, on the grounds that the country needs more of the currently unborn to shoulder the burden of debt that will pay more excess profits to the energy sector for the next thirty years, and the appointment of climate change deniers to oversee the environment is believed to have occupied Prime Minister Truss' brain for no more than a nano-second.

'Despite their disbelief in the scientific consensus, and while the parody government is going to resume fracking and will pull more hydrocarbons out of the ground, it is serious about renewable sources. Windfalls, for example, are to be banned,' said the spokesperson.

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