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Hamilton audience discovers ‘hip hop’ for the first time.

Fans of musical theatre have completely lost their ‘sh$t’ after being exposed to sounds from the 20th century and the notion of ethnic diversity. Many audience members are reported to have been astonished by the concept of rhythm or that a musical does not have to involve cats; said one: ‘It’s was like Dr Seuss but with drums!’ 

Cleaning up at the Olivier Awards it won awards for the ‘Best Musical thankfully not involving Andrew Lloyd Webber’, ‘Best revival of a sound from the 1980s’ and ‘Best civics lecture on an obscure piece of American History you really didn’t care about’.

Explained one of the backstage team: ‘Musical theatre audiences wanted something edgy, something contemporary – so naturally we went for the 18th century. Anything later, would have been seen as too much, too avant garde; a bit like John Barnes on ‘World in Motion’.

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