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“Happy Country” season finale grips nation

The final episode of the ironically-named UK political drama “Happy Country” has had the nation on the edge of its seats.

Speculation was rife as to how the writers could top the extreme - some would say implausible - events of earlier episodes, such as the famous “Brexit vote” episode that ended the first series. Rumours abounded that Boris Lee Johnson or Liz Trussovic, villains from the first two series, might make an unexpected return, and possibly set fire to the whole country to go out in a blaze of glory.

In the event neither of them did, and the greatest surprise was that the deceptively mild-mannered Rishi Sunak might get away with his crimes.

One possible storyline, that Boris might be reunited with his illegitimate children, was rejected by producers on the grounds that they didn’t have the budget for that many child actors, and it risked looking like a song and dance number from Oliver!

Though the finale tied up most of the loose ends, some viewers were disappointed that there was no reconciliation between Jacob Rees-Mogg and reality.

The series has proved popular with viewers all around the world, though many have asked why it’s so relentlessly grim. “I mean, it can’t really be that bad, surely?”

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